10 Grooming Mistakes most men make

10 Grooming Mistakes most men make

Although growing a beard certainly gives you a look with more style, letting that hair go careless may distort things a lot. And we know a well-groomed look means keeping your facial hair in check.

Trimming when the beard is wet 

Undoubtedly, beard trimming is one of the most difficult parts of having a beard. Besides, one common mistake we see around beardsman is trimming their beard when it’s wet.

When the beard is wet or damp, the water unfolds the facial hair causing it to be longer than usual. And when the beard fully dries, your beard shrinks, and it gets into its normal shape--the way it looks daily.

You must wait until it dries or slightly wet before you start trimming. When it’s dry, we suggest you style your beard and comb it into place as you regularly do. 

Define fitting neckline

Let’s cover where exactly the fitting neckline should be defined.

Determining your neckline is an excellent way to add a pattern to your beard, which gives your beard a much more refined appearance. At the time you go to shave, you do not necessarily want a neckline directly on your jawline. Beardsmen normally make this mistake, and it turns their beards appear small and not appropriate to their faces. 

We suggest you shave your beard wherever your head equates to your neck. When one grows his facial hair, the added neck hair helps add fullness. An appropriate neckline gives your beard a nice appearance.

Employing excess perfume

For sure, it is intriguing to spray more and more perfume, but moderation is the key when it comes to grooming. Even overuse of a good thing brings bitter results. 

Getting to know what suits you in terms of fragrances is a nice thing, but many men tend to overdo it. Utilizing too much perfume could be as bad as no perfume at all. You may not want more than a couple of sprays on the pulse points of your body.

Next time you are to go out, apply a careful amount to your pulse points such as the neck, behind the ears, and wrists. It is enough for the whole day or night.

Define fitting topline 

It is important to take care of the shaving of your cheek line. Some beardsmen choose for an all-natural top line, while many men shave a top line to adequately define their beard. 

we notice too many beardsmen taking this line lower each time they shave to make sure they are quite matched. While following this, your beard quickly shortens and you could be having a beard that resembles a chin strap.

We suggest keeping the cheek line natural. It is good to connect the sideburn to the mustache as high as possible. 

Skipping moisturizer

We see this behavior among men that they don’t want to wear anything besides their clothes. But we would suggest you think about the skin as well.

Beardsmen tend to have fickle skin because of this habit of not maintaining the skin with the right moisturizer. Also, it brings wrinkles and fine lines on the skin as one gets aged. 

Use a simple and effective moisturizing lotion every day to protect your skin from the aforementioned elements. This will not only protect the skin but also soothe it.

Dirty Uncut Nails

Undoubtedly, dirty uncut nails could destroy everything for a well-groomed man. Make sure to clip your nails properly at regular pauses depending on how quickly your nails grow. 

And do not think manicures and pedicures are only for girls. Things have changed a lot over time, and every guy needs his nails properly cut and filed by a professional once a year. It helps avoid uneven growth of nails. Besides, enhance your diet so that you can maintain stronger nails that don’t chip as easily.

Neglecting ear and nose hair

Although ear and nose hair, undoubtedly, serve a purpose by filtering pollutants from the air and keeping it out of your body, excess ear or nose hair is an unappealing thing.

Make sure to cut the overgrown hair to keep up with good appearance.

Shaving with dried hair

After the advent of electric razors, dry shaving is a trend that has grown increasingly. The technological development has allowed men to shave without first soaking their hair, even though this could lead to a lot of irritable skin and razor burns.

You can avoid this trouble by shaving right after you shower with the necessary wet shaving tools. Make sure to use lukewarm water to open up the pores in your skin and employ good amounts of shaving gel before you start shaving. Besides, don’t forget massaging. 

Employing excess hair gel

Having the hair without any styling item may not be as bad as accumulating on so much that your hair gets too heavy. It is clear that unmovable hair has never been charming and its most desirable to style the hair that appears as natural as possible.

Using bar soaps 

Stop it now if you are washing the beard with the same soap as your body. Soaps that are designed to take out the dirt away from a body are too harsh for your face.

You must know the fact that the skin on your face is entirely different than the skin on your body. It can be damaged easily. Hence, employing a bar soap, body wash or regular shampoo on your facial will dry out your skin, which can cause itch and unhealthy beard growth.

You must use a beard wash that is designed specifically for your face and beard. Only a quality beard wash gives a deep cleanse to the beard without drying out your skin.

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