Beard Grooming & Health - Bringing you the most surprising facts

Beard Grooming & Health - Bringing you the most surprising facts

In recent years, men have changed themselves in terms of style. From the days when they used to prefer being clean-shaven to the present when they choose the beard.

No matter whether it is a result of evolution or intentional change in the fashion industry, the ultimate goal is to appear as good-looking as possible. 

We are discussing beard today, and why it is beneficial to the health. Yes, beard comes with many surprising health benefits that many people are not aware of. 

Benefits of Beard

Alleviate irritation

In some instances, the skin of men gets cut, which can cause infections. Although this depends on the situation one finds oneself in, it is preventable. 

Some people use natural remedies, while others use medication.

One of the best ways to deal with infections is by growing a beard. It is daring to grow a beard as it requires careful management, but guys should grow a beard if they want to reduce irritation. 

Help people with Asthma

Little particles of dust, which affect the airway, usually cause asthma attacks. Things like smoke, dust, and pet feathers can affect people with asthma. One of the good things about the beard is that the beard acts like air-filters. Hence, a large chunk of dust gets caught up in the beard, which means your airways are mostly clear.

Moisturize the skin

Although a beard requires care to properly nourish the facial hair, it helps keep the skin moisturized. 

The underlying reason behind this is that hair on your head is different from the beard. Hence, it is important to care about the beard to keep it moisturized and not let it dry at all. 

Your skin emits natural oils that help keep the skin moisturized. You end up with a moisture layer of skin removed when you shave. Beards allow the natural moisture of your skin to stay sound. Also, they keep the wind and cold air out, assisting your skin battle dryness. And hence, your skin remains protected and stays moisturized.

Keeps the skin blemishless 

Although blemishes are not harmful, they can impact a person’s self-esteem. Having uncanny stains on the skin can cause a person to feel bad about themselves.

Now the question is how to get away with them? The answer is simple, grow a beard. Facial hair has a way of hiding the skin underneath and thus blemishes are concealed--if they are present. Apart from this, beards also protect the skin from sunlight, dirt, and anything that has the potential to cause issues with the skin.

By the way, beards not only hide blemishes but also prevent them. Rashes and acne occurred as a result of shaving sometimes. Razors can certainly annoy the skin, causing an infection of the hair follicle.

Addition of masculinity

You cannot go lightly on this point that the more facial hair a man has, the more masculine both men and women regard him to be. In case you are contemplating to impress your partner, skip the razor for 10 days in a row. Of the studies found that this is the length women find the most attractive.

If you are looking for unadulterated masculinity, then let your beard hang low. 

Keeps the skin cool

A beard can certainly keep you cool. Notwithstanding whether you are a beardsman or not, surely, you'll sweat in hot weather like everyone. It is to remind you that sweat arises from the skin pores and not from the hair. Therefore, you will inescapably sweat into your beard. 

Beard can really help you by cooling you off. The beard works similarly as heat fins on a heat source, which dissipates heat and energy away from your face. 

During the heatwave, you will find clean-shaven companions crying that it's simply too hot. Meanwhile, you will be chilling as your beard cools off your face, helping dissipate the sweat off more promptly. And if you use a good beard balm, you will enjoy a pleasant aroma at the same time. 

If your friend tells you next time that you should be hot under that heatwave, you have to respond, "No, it's cool as a shade tree. It protects me from the breeze during winter and it secures me from the burning sun during summer.”

A sensation of wringing out a beard

Nothing in this world could be more pleasant than swimming in the pool. The most awesome thing about it is the pleasure of wringing out a wet beard straight after you come out of the pool.

Like any beardsman, you would probably say that you have surely once wrung out your wet beard and that you are aware of the sensation. 

Increases self-confidence

Beard assists to build self-esteem in beardsmen. It helps you look confident, helping abilities to function well and be visible to others with your rough look.

Various studies have shown that the people who grow a beard are more prosperous in their life. 

It helps during arguments on various occasions. After seeing you, your opponent may feel that you are somewhat more powerful than him, and thus he might give up by underestimating his strengths.

looks like elder

Things have changed a lot in recent times. The youth got bored with looking like a young boy. The trend has changed, and now they are aiming to have a serious look on their face. For people who want to look older, it will be a better choice to grow a beard because it gives a solemn look. Besides, the beard makes you handsome. Also, they look like abled and experienced people.

Makes one attractive

And it has been seen that girls are getting more attracted to boys who have a beard on their cheeks. The trends are showing clearly. There may be more possibilities to attract girls with your rough look or stylish beard.

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