It was 23rd January 2016, I went to university for my first graduation class. From the start I have always concerned about my clothes, skin, hair, face, shoes or in one word you can say is about my grooming. Since, my university was approximately 20km away from my home, so my skin, face and hair often used to get covered by dirt and dust when I reached university from home. On top of that, I was lucky enough doing a corporate job and Bachelors in Business Administration at the same time, which made me realize how important it is for people to keep themselves presentable and confident. It was the catalyst time when I realized the importance of grooming yourself because whether it was university or corporate/business platforms, I observed groomed people tend to have better confidence and so as better professional and personal lives. From that day, I started taking care of my skin, hair and face with more attention. ⁣⁣
However, the problem started here, when I searched the market and got only two types of men grooming products. First type was the locally made affordable products but they were not tested/certified, did not contain natural and quality ingredients and were not giving the premium grooming product feel. On the other hand, there were tested premium grooming products of famous brands but their prices were not justified. I stated justified because I had been working in the health and beauty industry for a couple of years and was aware of their justifiable prices. That day I realized how difficult it was for a man to take care of himself. All of this gave me the inspiration to build a brand for Pakistani men which would not only offer exceptional products formulated with natural ingredients but will also give the premium grooming feel at justified prices. It started from Research and Development which took months to complete since each of the products was developed with sheer attention to detail with the objective of keeping all products 100% Natural. The idea was to develop such grooming products which I could use and personally believe in, so there was no way we could compromise on product quality. Step by step, we developed every aspect of the brand and became able to establish a brand named as Menigma.⁣⁣
Now, You must be wondering what Menigma means? ⁣⁣
It is derived by combining two words i.e. Men and Enigma (mystery/problem), resulting in Menigma. The idea behind this name is to unfold every mystery and solve every problem related to men grooming in Pakistan. ⁣⁣
We as a brand promise you that delivering you the value and satisfaction will always remain core of all our actions and decisions at menigma. Waiting for you to try our products and give us your valuable feedback. ⁣⁣
With Love. ⁣⁣
Syed Muddabbir Ali



Vision Statement: To revolutionise Men Grooming in Pakistan
Mission Statement: To foster confidence in men through grooming
  • Commitment – We believe in developing relations which can positively change the lives of our customers. 
  • Customer Value – We not only believe in producing premium products but also in delivering superior customer experience. 
  • Adaptable – There is nothing like ‘Perfection’ for us. We believe in adaptation to foster continuous improvement and change.  
  • Collaboration – We believe in collective geniusness, which makes us one email away from potential collaborators. 
  • Local Community – We care about our community. We support local experience by sourcing Made in Pakistan products as much as possible.
  • Environment – Whether it is manufacturing or delivery of the products, we believe in developing environmentally sustainable business activities.



Many grooming products are offered in the market which highlight men’s vulnerabilities instead of fostering who they are. We believe in formulating products which blend well with your body’s natural chemistry rather than changing it. We think you are best and our products are formulated to embrace the real you.  

  1. Keeping it All-Organic: No Silicons, No Paraben, No Problem ! We keep it All Organic. We have a “Don’t Use” list of ingredients for our products which include Silicons, Parabens and other harmful ingredients that may disrupt hormones. Our products come up with gentle cleansing and conditioning so that your skin and hair can keep natural oil as much possible to stay healthy.
  1. Keeping it Halal: It is no secret that the cosmetic/beauty/grooming industry is dominated by non-Halal ingredients globally which may not conform with Halal standards. However, we strictly ensure all of our ingredients and products are 100% Halal.
  1. Quality over Quantity: When it comes to focus, it is always on the quality over quantity. You may not see us selling certain trendy products because we make our product decisions on their performance rather than their market demand. We do it well or we don’t do it, there is no in between.
  1. No shortcut: We believe Research and Development is the core of our business which is why we spend a significant amount of resources in developing new or innovating existing products so that we don’t have to take a shortcut. Each of our products is formulated after experimenting dozens of formulations.
  1. No Secret: If you still feel any ambiguity, ask us because there is ‘No Secret’.