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Menigma Pakistan Official

Moustache Wax

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Product Intro

Who doesn’t love giving a twirl to his mustache? (Don’t do it now). Our mustache wax apart from bringing a naturally styled look to your mustache, brings moisture, shine, and medium hold to it. Its arousing scent will force you to lick your mustaches or lips, however; we don't recommend you to lick your mustache or lips too much. 

What is the difference between Beard Wax and Moustache Wax?

Well, in general, beards are heavier and mustaches are relatively thinner than beards. Due to this, our beard wax is rich with Gum Rosin which brings more elasticity and holds. On the other hand, mustaches tend to become drier and weaker due to thin hair. Therefore, our mustache contains loads of Beeswax so that it can not only help in styling but can also improve texture to mustaches thin hair.   


  • 100% Organic. 
  • Moisturizes, hydrates, and conditions the mustache and skin underneath it. 
  • Improves mustache health.
  • Improves mustache texture and helps in styling. 
  • Brings shine to your mustache without making it sticky or greasy. 

How to Use

  1. Scratch out the required amount of wax with the help of your thumbnail. 
  2. Massage the wax between your fingers and palm till it melts.
  3. Apply the wax into your mustache to style it as you wish.


It contains a perfect blend of natural and organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lanolin, Gum Rosin, Olive Oil, and fragrance.


Net Vol. 35ml



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