10 Beard Style Trends in 2020 (We'll also reveal how to grow them)

10 Beard Style Trends in 2020 (We'll also reveal how to grow them)

It's cool to cover your face with a beard. Even though the beard has never been ceased by men, it has become a factor of class and style in modern times. The contemporary man gets a sense of masculinity and potency from the beard. 

Besides, shaving usually annoys the skin of some men, so beard comes out as a blessing for them.

Beard can play a role to easily attract a woman you always desired. Because beardsmen are doing magic with their beards, that’s why many men are growing beards, which we have not seen in the past. There are different types of beard and it depends on your face and taste, which beard style to pick up. So choose the one that reflects your personality.

The most essential point is to find the type of beard that suits the face. After we select the beard style, the remaining thing is to dedicate two minutes a day to keep it tidy.

Let's see today the modern beard styles trending in 2020. 

Circle beard style

The circular beard is a mixture of goatee and mustache. Combining goatee with a mustache gives a circular shape, leaving the rest of the face without a beard. This beard style is a good choice for men wanting to be presentable without having facial hair all over the face.

This beard style suits men with an oval and rounded face. You need to make sure you have a fair mass of hair to create this style. First and foremost, you shave the rest of the face, and afterward, you can shape it. To achieve a flawless circular shape, you need to have a good grip over the trimmer. After you make the shape of the beard, maintenance requires the very least effort.

Stubble beard style

Stubble beard gives a stubbly and scruffy look. So if you desire to grow a beard like stubble style, start exfoliating the skin because massaging helps to clear the hair follicles, which enables faster growth of the hair.

Once it is grown, style your beard by your preference, whether you want to have a heavy stubble or one-week stubble.

The length of the beard depends on the style you want to choose.

Goatee beard style

Goatee style is one of the most popular beard styles in 2020. Men from the business profession and college students usually prefer this style.

Varieties in the goatee style are enormous, but this style looks great in all of the varieties.

If your beard develops in a patchy or irregular manner, opt for this style. A goatee style gives an image of fullness with a jawline shape.

This style would be perfect for you if you want to have a beard but not all over your face.

Balbo beard style

This beard style is becoming fit for men with a narrow chin. It consists of a goatee and a mustache that extends on the jaw, giving the pattern of forming an anchor on the face.

You need to have a thick beard and a mustache to have enough hair to seize this shape. You may require a good straight razor to carve nicely. 

Bandholz beard style

The Bandholz has a mustache that is joined with a full beard. This beard style looks good to all faces. 

This beard style is preferably for those who are daring. To grow this beard style, you need to have a lot of patience to wait, which could cover seven months. Afterward, you can begin to cut it and start giving the desired shape.

Verdi Beard style

This beard style is very popular nowadays. Verdi beard looks good with haircuts with very short sides. 

It creates a sophisticated appearance as this style has long facial hair but not wild. The beard style fills only the lower side of the face. The hair is trimmed that grows too high on the cheeks. The mustache and the beard must be disconnected from each other. The look of the beard gets great when the length of the mustache is increased. It is important to note that the beard length must not surpass 10 cm from the lower lip.

Wild beard style

This beard style is different from all. The wild beard style requires only good conditioning and maintenance of the beard. No trimming or extra things are needed to create this beard style. So if you want to grow your beard without taking much time to look after it, this style would work for you.

Faded beard style

It gives an exceptional look with a strong faded Beard theme. Faded beard means short hair on the back and sides and long hair on top. It gives a very sharp facial appearance, but it takes lots of money and time to preserve this look.

You require to have a usual trimming routine to sustain this beard style. It is important to note that this beard style is not okay if your beard grows in a patchy manner.

Beardstache beard Style

This beard style is a mixture of beard and mustache, or in other words, it is a great combination of heavy stubble and a full mustache.

Beardstache has gained a lot of demand in recent years. This beard style shows a good sense of style.

This style is unconventional, so if you want to go with a different flow, this should be your choice. Those who have a square or rectangle face must wear this style because it suits them. 

Modest beard style

This style is awesome and gives a distinct look if you know how to properly grow them.

The most essential benefit of this beard style is its easy maintenance. To have this beard, you would surely require not much time in front of the mirror to groom your beard.

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