How to become a Bearded Man from a Clean shaved Boy

How to become a Bearded Man from a Clean shaved Boy

It is great since you have decided to grow yourself into a man. We are discussing an important topic for you in the sense that beardsman will be different from the shaven one. And we will discuss each step you are going to go through during this journey. So stay excited and follow the discussion.

Stubble beard 

And when you leave the trimmer for 1-2 weeks, you end up growing a bit of facial hair. In the dictionary of beardsmen, we call it stubble. You will notice that hair doesn't grow everywhere around your face, where one considers hair being present. No worries. With time, you will see that hair would grow there on the sterile spots as well.

Many young men love to keep their beard to this size, and by the way, it is in fashion as well. So it is your call now to either say farewell to the next level of beard-growing journey or keep on moving and let the beard grow further. 

You might feel a bit uncomfortable because of itchiness, as it is something new happening to your body. But as time passes, you will start feeling okay as your body would accept it as a permanent part of it.

Heavy stubble beard

Over time, your beard is getting thicker, though we cannot say it full beard yet. It is now your third week. Many women tend to look at this size of beard with attraction. 

You may notice that your beard is growing thick in certain parts while thin in others. Your mustache, if not already grown, is not in a position connecting to the face. You might still see spots where facial hair is not growing, but nothing to worry here as those spots will turn hairy after a few weeks.

And maybe you get a quick thought to trim off all as things are not going rightly. Wait, everything is going right, whether you believe it or not. You might have heard this saying that good things come to those who wait. So, have the patience for some time, and your beard will turn even out. And you would find yourself attractive soon.  

Challenge is to resist the temptation to clear off the beard, and you are going to witness the result soon. Keep away from all the tools, which can take away your dreams, and good days are closer than you think.

Honing beard

In the six weeks, you'll find yourself a bit relaxed in terms of hair filling up the patches now. 

But face itch will sustain for some time. Due to all that time you spent shaving before, the ends of the hair are edgy. Those pointed ends are great enough to brush against your face, and washing the face may give you pain. But as soon as your beard grows a bit longer, this itchiness is going to go away.

The natural oil in your skin may not be enough now to keep your skin, as well as your beard, moisturized, so your skin is becoming dry. 

You have reached the time when you need to use beard oil to supplement natural oil. You might not even notice the same itch that other people do if you had been moisturizing your skin while you were growing your beard. 

Beard oil has multiple advantages. Not only does it assist with that itchy face, but it hydrates the skin as well as the beard. By using beard oil, your beard will turn softer. Besides, you’ll have fewer split ends. As a result, you won’t experience beardruff. Overall, your skin will be healthier. In case your beard got curly hair that tends to get frizzy, beard oil will help to straighten it up.

Noticeable beard

2 months spent down the line, you'll get a good shape of a beard.  You’ve approached that stage of beard growth where it is not a mistake or sort of personal hygiene crisis. You’re now trying to develop a beard. Although it may not have yet attained its complete potential, it’s a beard.

You may be concerned with patchy areas, displeased with the texture of beard, or unhappy with volume. Possibly, the hair just isn’t as dense as you had hoped.

Unluckily, one cannot help how your beard naturally grows. Genes of a person ultimately decide on how your beard shape in and no product is going to fix that. It does not mean that your beard can’t be impressive, because it can be. Keep in mind that you can’t settle everything. 

From now on, you can start defining the lines in your beard to shape around your cheeks and neck, but you should remain away to cut the length of the beard if you want to remain in the journey

Filled beard

After three month, you will end up with a full beard.

This is when your beard is really out of all awkward phases of beard growth and has passed on into maturing a fully-fledged beard. Maybe it is still short at length, but it’s growing more defined.

Keep on styling your beard and do regular trimming to ensure your beard looks nice. About the length, it is up to you now whether to let the beard grow further or stop here and maintain.

Now you must feel proud of yourself at this point.  All the months you have given to your beard to grow and even face challenges while growing it. All that attention and planning have finally paid off.

Possibly keep a comb on your back pocket when you go out to keep it in shape. Also, use beard oil to make the beard shiny and soft.

From now on, you may see food fall into your beard or toothpaste in it. Hopefully, these small nuisances are probably not enough to hinder you from feeling great about your beard. Of course, these are easy things to settle compared to what you have achieved. 


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