What are Beard Oils - A guide like never before

What are Beard Oils - A guide like never before

Beard Oil

Beard oil is a facial product for men. It is used for softening and smoothening the beard, as well as nurturing and moisturizing the skin underneath. Well, things don't end here, beard oil has more than the given benefits, and we will see in detail today about each of the benefits and how we should use it to make the most out of the beard oil. 

Debate related to beard oil has increased a lot from recent times, especially when a plethora of beardsmen are already there, and many clean-shaven folks are in the pipeline already decided to grow a beard, while some are still thinking of going in the similar path. 

While it is true that a beard has inbuilt beauty that attracts many, it needs special care to keep appearing attractive and well-nurtured. As we all know, nothing comes out of nothing, but we need to put in efforts to produce results. The good thing is that we don't need to put in great efforts to grow an attractive beard as beard oil will take care of everything on our behalf. The only thing we need to do is use it on time. And after that, you are going to reap various benefits attached to the beard oil.

Let's unfold the benefits of beard oil.

Beard oil triggers moisturization

Beard oil is a great agent to hydrate facial hair and the skin underneath. As a matter of fact, the skin produces a natural oil called sebum, which is used to moisturize our skin, but it is produced in limited quantity. When we grow our beard, the naturally produced sebum is not enough to moisturize our skin, and hence we need a supplement to match the required quantity. Thus, beard oil acts as a supplement to fulfill the requirement.  

Beard oil keeps the beard fresh and scented

The shabby facial hair can discharge bad-smelling because of the environmental pollutants, dirt, and pouring food it acquires each day.  Things get further down from the sweat and smoke of cigars. The natural essential oils included in the beard oil produce a good smell around the beard, which acts as a naturally pleasant smeller.

Beard oil makes hair flake-free 

Beard oil alongside moisturizing the skin makes facial hair flake-free. Beard dandruff is also known as beardruff, which causes beard itch. Many beardsmen complain about this issue more often than not, and beard oil is an appropriate answer to control it. People who live in dry, cold weather suffer from beardruff as well.

Beard oil tame flyaway hair

The issue of flyaway hair is caused by dryness around the beard, which damages the beauty of the beard greatly. To resolve this issue, and bring that flyaway hair in control, beard oil is a great balm to tame flyaway hair. 

Beard oil helps to style the beard

In case you are tired of shabby hair and unable to style your beard out of this reason, now you don't have to worry anymore as beard oil turns the beard hair soft and allows one to style it according to one's desire. Beard oil is relatively better than sprays and gels, which normally contain deleterious toxins. The reason for it being better than the other is its formation from the natural ingredients. 

Beard oil combats acne

Because we face various germs each day in our environment, our skin is susceptible to acne, which may lead to inflammation. Beard oil alongside hydrating the skin cleans the skin underneath, which prevents clogged pores and thus stops acne. Acne nowadays is a very common issue, which brings in various problems for a person from an itch to a untidy appearance, which hurts you in various senses.

Beard oil enhances facial appearance

As we have seen how beard oil improves the beard and prevents various issues from arising, we can imagine how ultimately the beard would look like at the end of the day, and thus make the facial appearance awesome. And your appearance would play an important role in terms of increasing your confidence. And this can turn you into an attractive man who is liked by many, and you can now imagine how a small addition of beard oil can bring a massive change into your personality, which is bringing various benefits you might have never thought out before.

Now, let's come over to the best time to use beard oil, how much, how to apply, and how often.

The right time to apply beard oil

It is suggested to use beard oil after showering or cleansing as hair follicles and pores are open and simply draw the oil. Many beardsmen ignore the fact that beard oil is important for them, especially if they live in dry or cold weather.   

The amount of beard oil to use

The amount of beard oil largely depends on the size of the beard. Let's see the amount of beard oil according to the beard size.

  1. Stubble 

Around 2-4 droplets of beard oil are enough for stubble size.

  1. Medium-sized beard

It is recommended to use around 5-6 drops of beard oil in case of a medium-sized beard. 

  1. Large-sized beard

It is estimated to use 7-8 drops of beard oil if one has a large beard.

How to apply beard oil

First and foremost, you need to put the required amount of oil into the palm and afterward rub the palms together. Now whisk the palms along the sides of the beard, and after that, do the same down the front of the beard. Then take both hands up through the bottom of the beard. Finally, comb the beard to evenly distribute the oil while setting the hair back in place. 

How often to use beard oil

On average, you need to put beard oil only once a day. It is not a strict rule and the weather determinant is important here, especially if you live in a dry place, you need to apply twice a day, to keep the beard moisturized and conditioned.

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