Why do you need to wash your Beard?

Why do you need to wash your Beard?

It is quite comprehensible to get the fact that one needs to keep oneself clean for good health and good appearance as well. Going outside means exposing oneself to various germs, and if they stick around us for a bit of a long time can cause infections, and thus we can figure out the importance of cleaning for this reason. Let's see in detail how we can ensure the best wash for nurturing a healthy beard. 

Basics of beard wash

It is important to note here that one should not wash his beard every day unless someone spends a lot of time outside, where he collects lots of dust and dirt around the beard. The reason for not washing daily is that our skin naturally produces oil to keep itself moisturized as well as the beard. And when we wash our beard daily, there is a possible chance that we end up drying all the oil, which is required to keep us moisturized. It is thus suggested washing the beard two times a week. 

How to wash the beard

  1. i) Start with cleansing the bearded area with water. Afterward, massage with a small chunk of beard shampoo around the beard and then rinse your beard with water. 
  1. ii) Now massage your beard with a beard conditioner and keep it there for a minute or two. Finally, wash it with water. 

        iii) After you have done the above steps, comb your beard feasibly with a beard brush. 

  1. iv) Add a few droplets of beard oil into the beard and massage for a minute or two. 
  1. v) Comb your beard again to style your beard.


Difference between scalp shampoo and beard shampoo

It is more than important to understand that the facial skin is way too sensitive compared to scalp skin, and therefore, using the scalp shampoo on the facial hair is a disastrous recipe, not only for your skin but also for the facial hair. The formulation of beard shampoo is different from the scalp shampoo and made specifically for the facial hair and skin while keeping in view the sensitivity of the facial skin. Normally, scalp shampoo contains chemicals not appropriate in any sense for the facial skin, and thus it is necessary to understand this difference.

Let's see a few cons of using scalp shampoo for the beard

Scalp shampoo suppress beard hormones

The chemicals in scalp shampoo are likely to suppress the key beard hormones like testosterone and DHT.

Scalp shampoo eradicates all the natural oil

The detergents and chemicals in scalp shampoo strip almost all of the natural oil called sebum from the facial hair.

Scalp shampoo leaves skin dry

Scalp shampoo causes dry skin below your facial hair and beard split-ends.

Scalp shampoo triggers beard dandruff

Because scalp shampoo dries the skin, it can cause beard dandruff called beardruff.

Now let's see a few benefits of using beard shampoo.

Beard shampoo is specialized for beard cleansing

Facial hair is relatively thick and the skin underneath is sensitive compared to the scalp. Besides, facial hair collects spilled food, environmental pollutants, and drops of saliva. Hence, it is not appropriate to use scalp shampoo for the beard. Keeping in mind the given issues, beard shampoo is specifically made for beard cleansing.

Beard shampoo Maintains proper standards for the beard 

It is important to maintain the proper hygienic standards for the beard to keep the beard clean and bacteria-free. By using beard shampoo for the beard, one maintains the proper standards for the beard. 

Beard shampoo makes the beard soft

Beard Shampoo makes facial hair soft, and it turns the facial hair easier to groom and shape.

Beard shampoo prevents infection

Because beard hair is quite different and the skin underneath is sensitive, and bacteria it collects can cause infections, the only way to deal with it is to use beard shampoo, which is designed for the beard.

Beard shampoo prevents itchiness 

To prevent irritation and dryness, the beard must be well-groomed with the right substance. Beard Shampoo helps deal with itchiness and irritation because it contains organic and natural extracts.

Beard shampoo gives a pleasant smell

Beard collects dirt and dust from the environment, and it lives in incredible proximity to your mouth--which means all kinds of crumbs get into the facial hair daily. Also, the beard is touched more often because of habit, no matter if the hands are clean or not. And in case it went without washing for a few days, things are going to get down. Beard shampoo is a great way to not only wash away all these fluids but to keep your beard smelling pleasant.

Beard shampoo is great for easy grooming

Beard is more thick and curly than the hair at the scalp, hence beard needs a different formula to keep that in check. Beard shampoo helps keep hair in check, ensuring the beard is soft and making it more pliant for grooming and styling.  

Beard shampoo soothes your skin

And when a beardsman comes tired home from outside with lots of germs sticking around the beard, he needs a soothing feel. And beard shampoo is a great way to provide your skin with smoothness as it is made especially for facial hair. Beard shampoo softens the facial hair, cleanses all the germs, and gives a soothing feel.

Beard shampoo helps build confidence

And when you are free from itchiness, dryness, and beardruff, automatically you get a sense of relaxation, which helps you build confidence inherently. And your confidence adds attractiveness in your personality, and you can imagine the potential of other positive changes in your personality, which may help you in your personal and professional life in various senses.  

Nowadays, the beard is so common among men, and it is considered a sign of masculinity as well. Hence, proper care is needed for it or else one might not be able to leave a strong impact. Well-groomed beard makes you look beautiful in a manly way, whereas leaving it without care may go opposite to the expectations.  

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