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Menigma Pakistan Official

Beard Brush

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Product Intro

Right styling needs the right tools and there are very few grooming tools as vital as Menigma Beard Brush. It's 100% horsehair helps in distributing natural oil in the skin more evenly which helps in keeping beard hair clean, healthy, and shiny.Our skin creates natural oil known as sebum which is vital for beard health. The ideal way to ensure sebum coats every beard hair is to distribute it with Beard Brush. 

How to Use

  1. Start with a dry beard to remove any dirt, dust, and debris in the beard.
  2. Apply the beard oil as required. 
  3. Use the brush again to evenly distribute the oil in the beard.


- 5 L” x 2 W “

- Premium Wooden handle

- 100% horsehair